5. Juli 2020


what they took? what they took. what they took was touch. what they took. was taste. every touch become iron. every taste become deficiancy. every day become craving. what they took. was sight. meaning what you saw would have to be know by they way they unsaw you. what they wanted was everything. every tooth every skincell every muscle every vocal cord every hand that could still drum. what they wanted was to live forever. what they wanted was to outrun death. so they chased us like the unchaste after lust.

and retake the stakes. unshake the brakes. make out the fake open the ache taste back our touch we must.

By Alexis Pauline Gumbs
in: Dub: Finding Ceremony, 2020



Mobile Homecoming Trust Services and Offerings
Episode: Breathe In. Breathe Out. Remember Us.

By Sangodare


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Rethinking »Aesthetics«: Notes Towards a Deciphering Practice

By Sylvia Wynter
in: Mbye B. Cham (ed.): Ex-iles: essays on Caribbean cinema Ex-iles: essays on Caribbean cinema, Trenton, Africa World Press, 1992, 237-279.

The Re-enchantment of Humanism: An Interview with Sylvia Wynter
in: Small Axe, 8, September 2000, 119-207.