ON HOLD [PAUSE] macht Stillstand und Leerstellen, leere (Kino-)Räume, Produktionsstopp, das Verschwinden und Unsichtbarmachen von Künstler_innen und Kulturarbeiter_innen zum Thema. PAUSE verweist auf die Absenz, auf die Verlagerung und Übersetzung von Bildern und greift temporäre Leere und Stille auf.

A Proposal to Project in Scope
Viktoria Schmid, 2020, 8 min

Panoramatic takes of the Lithuanian coastal landscape. Then the pictorial space narrows, forces the gaze to a scope screen animated by the sunlight and shadows of trees. A projection surface for contemplating the cinematic dispositif—an irresistible invitation to see film and the cinema differently. (Diagonale)

Idar Johannessen, 1972, 2 min

The view from the window of a plane. From the collection of Österreichisches Filmmuseum.

Björn Kämmerer, 2018, 5:05 min

A tension generating visual arrangement: rows of empty seats, which in their framing suggest an outdoor setting. This is the sole take shown in Björn Kämmerer’s 70mm experiment ARENA. However, a minimal shift in camera position seems to set the supposedly fixed seats in motion, and at the same time, topples a seemingly safe spectator position. We see what we see, but doubts still arise as to whether we can truly trust our eyes.

Exile Exotic
Sasha Litvintseva, 2015, 14 min

Steeped in elliptical history and historical simulacra, Exile Exotic is set at a hotel that is a replica of the Kremlin. Narrating the exotic beginnings of my mother’s and my exile from Russia, the film serves as a platform for us to visit the Kremlin again, albeit by the side of a pool. Soundtracked by an operatic score reminiscent of the song of the sirens making Odysseus stray on his long journey home, our story reverberates throughout the scope of Russian history’s limiting of free movement of individuals. This film is a pilgrimage. This film comes in waves. (Sasha Litvintseva)

to forget
Lydia Nsiah, 2019, 17 min

A journey captured on outdated film material that visualizes the process of forgetting in images that are faded, discolored, tilted, cross-faded, or abstracted through movement—in non-images. Through a surreal sound design and grandiose trance-like composition, to forget (or to get) makes tangible the transformation of memory as an uncanny experience. (Diagonale)

The Protagonists
Gabi Dao, 2019, 8:09 min

The Protagonists is a single channel video originally presented within the solo exhibition A knife to wither your petal fingers. The exhibition also included a sculptural installation. It was presented at Blinkers, (Winnipeg, Canada) June 22 – August 3, 2018. The Protagonists is a conflation of themes surrounding the intersections of cinema and conflict, time and labour, memory and representation. Throughout the hypnagogic landscape of the video, the associative and symbolic imagery aims to complicate these themes. (Gabi Dao)

Titoli Fine
Eustachio Stagno, 1965, 4 min

A compilation of handmade opening titles. From the collection of Österreichisches Filmmuseum.