Kaleidoskop – Open Air Cinema

2. – 16. Juli 2021

In 2019 we launched the Kaleidoskop open air cinema on Karlsplatz. After more than a year of the pandemic we were all longing to see each other again in person and gather in front of the silver screen as night falls. Karlsplatz was not yet open for public events, but we are very happy to have found a great alternative location: The 2021 edition of Kaleidoskop has taken place at Arena Wien, a historic venue open to diverse formats of urban pop culture, where we were celebrating film in all its stunning, kaleidoscopic variety: 15 summer nights, 15 films, 15 introductions by filmmakers, artists and activists that opened up a wide range of perspectives on the cinematic works. From non-places to places of promise and possibilities, the films offered insights into manifold realities and outlooks on life. In our conversations and encounters we explored possible ways of living and acting together in urban environments. In 2021 all films were repeated at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus the day after the open air screening.

Concept & Production CineCollective
Djamila Grandits, Marie-Christine Hartig, Lisa Mai, Doris Posch

Many thanks to the festival team:

Ljuba Anautović ▲ Mirjam Bromundt ▲ Valentina Duelli ▲ Tabea Eder ▲ Andreas Eli ▲ Machiel Gobets ▲ Philipp Gottschalk ▲ Clara Gruber ▲ Martina Kichler ▲ Caterina Krüger ▲ Eva Laktis ▲ Erwin Nimmervoll ▲ Michael Obex ▲ Laura Rumpl ▲ Sabine Schmidt ▲ Udo Somma ▲ Norá Soponyai ▲ Roland Waron ▲ Elke Weilharter ▲ Mona Wieshofer ▲ Valentin Wukovits ▲ Christian Zagler ▲ Markus Zöchling