Kaleidoskop – Open Air Film Festival

June 28 – July 19 2019

Starlit skies and summer nights, a big screen by the pond: CineCollective welcomes to its inaugural open-air film festival at Karlsplatz titled Kaleidoskop. Over the span of 22 summer nights, a cinematic kaleidoscope unfolded in one of Vienna‘s most iconic settings. Mirroring the multiplicity of urban spaces, brittle and volatile, ever changing, a moving-dancing prism of life. That year’s films presented an inspiring mix of the unexpected and new. 31 feature, documentary and short films from around 20 different countries intersected a myriad of lived realities, artistic experiments and evolving narratives, in turn, opening up new spaces for thought and conversation. Kaleidoskopis a film festival of diverse urban identities. Local artists and communities captured the open air stage with interventions and performances ahead of each film screening. In cooperation with the Wien Museum, the scene for an artistic, cinematic »Takeover« of Karlsplatz was set. Contextual tags accompanied the kaleidoscopic summer linking together the vast array of films offered in the year’s program.
The wheel of the cinematic kaleidoscope was turned, shifting perspectives and imagining change, provoked, tempted and softened.



Subversive or pop? Vandalism or art? Street art and skateboarding polarize. They are at once creative and destructive, art and irritation, a sport and lifestyle. Currently under renovation, Wien Museum now dedicates its hollowed-out gallery spaces to street art and skateboarding – two urban subcultures that appropriate unused areas, thus challenging our understanding of participation in public space. On four evenings in July, Kaleidoskop presents a cinematic TAKEOVER at Karlsplatz in collaboration with Wien Museum. Two coming-of-age films create a visual and musical arch between 1990s California and contemporary New York in which urban youths claim public spaces and seek ultimate freedom. In four eastern european cities, Ina Ivanceanu follows artists and activists as they reclaim with a delightful sense of humor their right to city spaces and freedom of expression. Banksy’s award-winning mockumentary – indirectly (or directly) revealing the mysterious street artist himself – celebrates its 10-year-anniversary on screen.



In any society, technology is a fundamental sphere in which gender is being articulated. In its current exhibition, Kunsthalle Wien examines material worlds constructed by technology, and the role of technology in developing local and global structures of power, identities and ways of living. In collaboration with Kunsthalle Wien, Kaleidoskop presents HYSTERICAL MINING on stage and screen. Two films – the documentary of the life and ideas of DONNA HARAWAY: STORY TELLING FOR EARTHLY SURVIVAL and the extraordinary feature of world football star DIAMANTINO – delve into the feminist posthuman, as well as techno-feminist positions present at the exhibition. Ahead of each film screening at 8pm, we welcome to a special tour of the exhibition led by curators of Kunsthalle Wien and Kaleidoskop.

Curation & Production: CineCollective
Djamila Grandits, Marie-Christine Hartig, Lisa Mai, Doris Posch

Many thanks to the festival team:

Ljuba Anautović ▲ Ina Aydogan ▲ Oscar Berghammer ▲ Sophie Bitzinger ▲ Lawrence Blankenbyl ▲ Mirjam Bromundt ▲ Stanislaus Dick ▲ Valentina Duelli ▲ Martina Jefcoat ▲ Martina Kichler ▲ Caterina Krüger ▲ Yusef Kwy ▲ Eva Laktis ▲ Tobias Leibetseder ▲ Martin Lintner ▲ Laura Müller ▲ Abiona Esther Ojo ▲ Andreas Eli Wolfgang Pielmeier ▲ Olga Pohankova ▲ Julian Pöschl ▲ Marie Luise Röttger ▲ Melissa Saavedra ▲ Udo Somma ▲ Norá Soponyai ▲ Denise VanDeCruze ▲ Elke Weilharter ▲ Leni Wiebach ▲ Christian Zagler ▲ Markus Zöchling