Starlit skies and summer nights, a big screen by the pond: In the summer of 2020 CineCollective welcomes once again to the open-air film festival at Karlsplatz titled Kaleidoskop. Over the span of 22 summer nights, a cinematic kaleidoscope unfolds in one of Vienna‘s most iconic settings. Mirroring the multiplicity of urban spaces, brittle and volatile, ever changing, a moving-dancing prism of life. The films intersect a myriad of lived realities, artistic experiments and evolving narratives, in turn, opening up new spaces for thought and conversation.

Kaleidoskop is a film festival of diverse urban identities. Local artists and communities capture the open air stage with interventions and performances ahead of each film screening. In cooperation with the Wien Museum, we set the scene for an artistic, cinematic »Takeover« of Karlsplatz. Contextual tags accompany the kaleidoscopic summer linking together the vast array of films offered in this year’s program.

Let us turn the wheel of the cinematic kaleidoscope, shifting perspectives and imagining change, be provoked, tempted and softened. Settle in and enjoy the screenings.

Freiluft und Film ab!

Kaleidoskop – Open Air Film Festival

Urbanities Film Festival at Karlsplatz, Vienna

Open air screenings daily at 9 pm at Karlsplatz (1010 Wien)
Free seating. First come, first served.

In case of bad weather at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus (Akademiestraße 13, 1010 Wien)
Please check our website or Facebook after 3 pm

Films in original version with English subtitles

Induction loop for CI and hearing aid users

Every Friday introductions with Austrian Sign Language interpretation. Films with additional German subtitles (SDH). barrier-FREE day is a label created by dotdotdot in 2015. The label now cooperates with Kaleidoskop and equalizent at Karlsplatz.